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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
18935899415514306389946189Leigh LorenzenNorth Ballarat2021/2022First Grade1 1Mt Clear
27656430415514306395107976Jake StevensonNorth Ballarat2021/20224CYTE Second Grade8 1Golden Point
37634542515514306395103776Brodie BennettNorth Ballarat2021/20224CYTE Second Grade3 1Darley
46534546815514306395395865*Scott WrightNorth Ballarat2021/2022Ballarat Groundworks Third Grade5 1Napoleons-Sebastopol
56139473215514306389948361Mick NolanNorth Ballarat2021/2022First Grade5 1Naps-Sebas
65998213315514306389947259Vikrant DabraNorth Ballarat2021/2022First Grade3 1Darley
75834546815514306395395258Scott WrightNorth Ballarat2021/2022Ballarat Groundworks Third Grade4 1Wendouree White
855196667815514306395392655Paddy O'BrienNorth Ballarat2021/2022Ballarat Groundworks Third Grade1 1Wendouree Red
95436037915514306389949454Matthew P ZakynthinosNorth Ballarat2021/2022First Grade8 1Brown Hill
105434546815514306403465354Scott WrightNorth Ballarat2021/2022Ballarat Groundworks Third Grade7 1Coronet City
115290869215514306389947452Ashley S McCaffertyNorth Ballarat2021/2022First Grade4 1Wendouree
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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