Team of the Century



The 'Legends Team of the Century' was announced on Saturday February 17, 2001 at the inaugural Life Members & Premiership Players dinner at the Norvalle Function Centre, North Ballarat Sports Club. The 12 players and scorer were selected by a panel of 10 judges. The following dossiers were read out by Mr Peter Heinz upon the announcement of the team.

Jamie Allen

A defiant and rock-solid opening batsman, he was the type of player who thrived when the going got tough. His concentration along with his mental and physical toughness helped wear down the opposition attacks and pave the way for the batsmen below. His left-arm medium pace also broke many partnerships. He represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week and won two club Best & Fairest’s. His greatest achievement was being a member of the 1983-84 and 1996-96 premiership teams, making him the only player to play in both of the modern day premierships at that time. A life member of the club, he also served as a committee member, First XI Vice-Captain and as a junior coach.

Years Played: 1979-80 to 1992-93, 1995-96 to 1996-97 Games: 173
Innings: 181 Not Out: 19 Runs: 4,376 Average: 27.01 Highest Score: 108 Not Out 50’s: 24 100’s: 2 Catches: 72
Overs: 134.5 Maidens: 22 Wickets: 18 Runs: 448 Average: 24.88 Best Bowling: 5-17 5WI: 1
Premierships: 1983-84 & 1995-96
Club Honours: Life member. Best & Fairest 1986-87 & 1995-96. Vice-Captain.
BCA Honours: Represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week.

Doug Anderson

One of the great stalwarts of the club, he made his First XI debut in 1959-60 and played his last game in that grade in the 1983-84 Grand Final. Recruited from YCW originally as an opening bowler, he soon developed into a top to middle order batsman, becoming a solid and consistent performer who was superb when fielding in the gully. He represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week and was a member of the 1983-84 premiership team (He was recalled into the First XI for the two finals that year after playing minor grades for the previous four seasons). A life member of the club, he has also coached the club, captained the First XI and is one of the club’s longest serving committee members. A dedicated player and administrator who will go down in the club’s history as one of the true greats.

Years Played: 1959-60 to 1961-62, 1964-65 to 1966-67, 1967-68 to 1978-79, 1983-84 Games: 161
Innings: 179 Not Out: 20 Runs: 3,199 Average: 20.11 Highest Score: 113 50’s: 13 100’s: 2 Catches: 94
Wickets: 11 Runs: 280 Average: 25.45 Best Bowling: 2-20
Premierships: 1983-84 Finals: SF: 8 GF: 4
Club Honours: Life member, Club record holder for most Grand Finals. Best Clubperson 1980-81, 1992-93 & 1997-98. Captain Coach - 1 season.
BCA Honours: Represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week.

Terry Davies

Regarded by his opposition as “the” prized wicket and as one of the top batsmen in Ballarat during the 1970’s. A stubborn but very effective opening batsman, he laid the foundations for many a great innings for the team with great displays of concentration. As a slow bowler he had much success as a partnership breaker. The winner of the prestigious E.J. Cleary Medal in 1976-77, he also captained Ballarat in Melbourne Country Week as well as being Captain-Coach of the club. A true gentleman on and off the cricket field, he was unlucky not to have enjoyed the team success he deserved, playing in three losing Grand-Final sides.

Years Played: 1971-72 to 1982-83 Games: 151
Innings: 164 Not Out: 37 Runs: 4,110 Average: 32.36 Highest Score: 115 Not Out 50’s: 30 100’s: 2 Catches: 50
Wickets: 62 Runs: 1,269 Average: 20.46 Best Bowling: 4-22
Finals: SF: 8 GF: 3
Club Honours: Best & Fairest 1976-77 & 1978-79. Captain - 7 seasons. Coach - 6 seasons.
BCA Honours: Represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week. Winner of the 1976-77 E.J. Cleary Medal.

Jim Flemming

A genuine all-rounder who could swing a game with both bat and ball. The winner of the 1974-75 E.J. Cleary Medal, he represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week, and captained the club. In his short duration at the club he took North Ballarat to a more professional level both on field and with it’s preparation. A strong competitor with natural flair, he batted in the top to middle order and either opened the bowling or was used at first change. Sadly due to employment, Jim only spent a short time with the club and his further presence at the club may have assisted in winning a premiership in an era where Semi-Finals were not converted into Grand Finals.

Years Played: 1973-74 to 1976-77 Games: 33
Innings: 32 Not Out: 3 Runs: 535 Average: 18.44 Highest Score: 80 50’s: 1 Catches: 15
Wickets: 76 Runs: 1,101 Average: 14.48 Best Bowling: 6-27 5WI: 5
Finals: SF: 3 GF: 2
Club Honours: Best & Fairest 1974-75. Captain - 1 season.
BCA Honours: Represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week. Winner of 1974-75 E.J. Cleary Medal.

Ron Janson Snr

The man who is widely regarded as the best opener the club has ever produced. Making 163 on debut, he was an attacking batsman who would bring bowling attacks to their knees with a combination of natural flair and aggression. Also a more than useful bowler, he occasionally opened the bowling but was mostly used as a partnership breaker. Unfortunately, some of his best years were spent at the opposition Railways C.C. from 1937-38 to 1940-41, and then he lost five seasons when the competition was in recess due to WWII. Work commitments also hampered his availability throughout his career. He rejoined the club in 1946-47 when the competition was reformed and was a member of the 1948-49 B Grade premiership team, which was the club’s First XI for that season. He also represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week and actually captained that team while at Railways. Highly regarded and respected by his teammates, he was a true champion and clubman.

Years Played: 1935-36 to 1936-37, 1946-47 to 1953-54 Games: 63
Innings: 80 Not Out: 4 Runs: 1,610 Average: 21.18 Highest Score: 163 Catches: 26
Wickets: 50 Runs: 852 Average: 17.04 Best Bowling: 4-21
Finals: SF: 3
Club Honours: Club record holder for best debut performance (Batting). Coach - 4 seasons.
BCA Honours: Represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week.
* Statistics for 1948-49 season are not included as the club's First XI were relegated to the B Grade section of the BCA that season.

Ron Janson Jnr

An opening bowler who possessed tremendous control and achieved uncanny swing with the ball. A genuine all-rounder, he also batted in the middle order. He represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week and Victoria at the National Railway Championships, and was regarded as one of the best bowlers of his time. Unfortunately his career was during a period that saw little success at the club and he was forever playing the lone hand. His ability to think a batsman out and bowl to his field was his trademark. His knowledge of the art of swing bowling was passed onto Len "Doc" page who then passed the same onto a young Peter Thompson.

Years Played: 1957-58 to 1969-70 Games: 122
Innings: 158 Not Out: 12 Runs: 2,170 Average: 14.86 Highest Score: 66 Not Out 50’s: 7 Catches: 36
Wickets: 324 Runs: 4,948 Average: 15.27 Best Bowling: 9-39 5WI: 18 10WM: 2
Finals: SF: 2
Club Honours: Captain - 2 seasons.
BCA Honours: Represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week.

Alan Jenkin

As an attacking top order batsman, he was able to destroy opposition bowling line-ups and win a game off his own bat. In 189 First XI games he amassed 4,822 runs @ 30.51 average. Although small in stature, he was renowned for his hard hitting and was a prize scalp for the opposition bowlers. He also bowled legspin part-time. He represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week on many occasions, was a four-time Best & Fairest winner, was captain of the 1995-96 First XI premiership and also awarded Life Membership that year. He missed the 1983-84 premiership due to commitments with the St. Kilda Football Club. As a long-term committee member, senior and junior coach and successful player he sure was a great contributor to the club he loved.

Years Played: 1977-78 to 1995-96
Innings: 190 Not Out: 32 Runs: 4,822 Average: 30.51 Highest Score: 128 50’s: 24 100’s: 5 Catches: 112
Overs: 283.3 Maidens: 26 Wickets: 33 Runs: 1,025 Average: 31.06 Best Bowling: 4-48
Premierships: 1995-96 (Captain) Finals: SF: 9 GF: 2
Club Honours: Life member, Club record holder for most runs and most catches. Best & Fairest 1984-85, 1990-91, 1992-93 & 1993-94. Best Clubperson 1985-86. Captain - 5 seasons. Coach - 3 seasons.
BCA Honours: Represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week.

Joe Stabernack

The man that is widely regarded as our best ever, an early pioneer for the fledgling club, and during his career he was known as one of the greats of Ballarat cricket. An attacking top order batsman and brilliant wicketkeeper, he represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week and played against the visiting English touring sides in 1921, 1925 and 1929 and New South Wales in 1923. He played for over 20 years in the first XI, and was a member of the club’s first six premierships and was Captain for a period of time. Upon his retirement he went on to become one of the great administrators of the club and was duly awarded life membership. His highest score of 201 Not Out, which he made on the Eastern Oval, still stands as a First XI record in Ballarat. Considering he played his entire career on under-prepared and uncovered wickets in a bowler-dominated era, the runs he amassed speak volumes for his ability.

Years Played: 1919-20 to 1940-41
Innings: 270 Not Out: 28 Runs: 4,689 Average: 19.37 Highest Score: 201 Not Out 50’s: 16 100’s: 3 Catches: 133 Stumpings: 85
Premierships: 1921-22 (Captain), 1922-23, 1925-26, 1927-28, 1938-39 & 1940-41 Finals: SF: 12 GF: 4
Club Honours: Life member. Club record holder for highest score, most finals, most Grand Finals and most premierships. Captain - 4 seasons.
BCA Honours: Represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week and against touring international and state teams.

Peter Thompson

The man regarded as the club's best ever bowler. As an opening bowler who was a great exponent of control and swing he managed to rip through batting line-ups consistently over his 20 year First XI career. Over his 227 games he took 30 or more wickets in a season on 9 occasions and took a staggering 61 wickets in the 1974-75 season. He represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week, was the winner of the 1987-88 E.J. Cleary Medal and was a seven-time club Best & Fairest winner. His greatest achievement was being Captain-Coach of the drought-breaking 1983-84 premiership team. He also gave great service to the club as an administrator and was awarded life membership. His teammates will remember forever his exploits as a terrific bowler and as a hard-hitting lower order batsman capable of making runs very quickly.

Years Played: 1972-73 to 1990-91, 1992-93 to 1993-94 Games: 227
Innings: 193 Not Out: 46 Runs: 2,447 Average: 16.64 Highest Score: 72 Not Out 50’s: 7 Catches: 74
Overs: 3,721.2 Maidens: 874 Wickets: 615 Runs: 9,575 Average: 15.56 Best Bowling: 9-24 5WI: 32 10WM: 2
Premierships: 1983-84 (Captain) Finals: SF: 4 GF: 2
Club Honours: Life member. Club record holder for most games, most wickets, best figures, most wickets in a season and most Grand Finals. Best & Fairest 1979-80, 1980-81, 1982-83, 1985-86, 1987-88, 1988-89 and 1989-90. Best Clubperson 1986-87. Captain-Coach - 6 seasons.
BCA Honours: Represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week. Winner of 1987-88 E.J. Cleary Medal.

David Thomson

Widely regarded as one of the best batsmen to play in Ballarat during the 1990’s. In only 53 games at the club he amassed 2,099 runs @ 42.84. He represented and Captained Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week and was the winner of the 1998-99 E.J. Cleary Medal. During this time he also Captain-Coached the club for three years and was a dual Best & Fairest Winner. He holds the club record for most runs in a season at 735. His highest score at the club of 158 Not Out is the highest by any First XI player at the club in the past 60 years. On his day he could tear apart any attack and single-handedly win games with his aggressive style of batting. A knee injury forced his early retirement at the end of the 2000-01 season.

Years Played: 1997-98 to 2000-01 Games: 53
Innings: 58 Not Out: 9 Runs: 2,099 Average: 42.84 Highest Score: 158 Not Out 50’s: 14 100’s: 3 Catches: 30
Finals: SF: 2 GF: 1
Club Honours: Best & Fairest 1998-99 & 2000-01. Club record holder for most runs in a season. Captain-Coach - 3 seasons.
BCA Honours: Represented and Captained Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week. Winner of 1998-99 E.J. Cleary Medal.

Darren Wilson

From his impressive First XI debut in which he took 5 wickets, he was the opening bowler and the backbone of the strong bowling attacks of the 1990's. Renowned for his professional work ethic and committment to his teammates, he on countless occasions inspired his team with heroics and acts of courage. He represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week, was runner-up in the 1998-99 E.J. Cleary Medal and won three consecutive club Best & Fairests. He was a bowler with an iron will who played the game with passion, and was a more than capable batsman who won many games with his aggressive batting. He thrived under pressure, especially in finals, with no better example than his match-winning performance in the 1995-96 semi-final, which in turn led the team to the premiership that year. His career was cut short in its prime due to a chronic knee injury at the age of 29.

Years Played: 1991-92 to 2000-01 Games: 107
Innings: 77 Not Out: 23 Runs: 781 Average: 14.46 Highest Score: 49 Not Out Catches: 27
Overs: 1,359.4 Maidens: 301 Wickets: 196 Runs: 3,770 Average: 19.23 Best Bowling: 7-48 5WI: 8
Premierships: 1995-96 Finals: SF: 4 GF: 2
Club Honours: Best & Fairest 1997-98, 1998-99 & 1999-2000. Club record holder for best debut performance (Bowling). Best Clubperson 1998-99 & 2000-01. Coach - 1 season. Vice-Captain - 4 seasons.
BCA Honours: Represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week. Runner-Up 1998-99 E.J. Cleary Medal.

Jack Wunhym

The imposing figure of this powerfully-built man put the fear of god into opposition players. An outstanding opening bowler and a very capable batsman, he was a proven match-winner and his teammates walked tall around him, such was his presence on the field. He represented and captained Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week, was club captain of the 1938-39 and 1940-41 First XI premierships and the 1939-40 Runners-Up teams and was also awarded life membership. He took the amazing figures of 11 for 59 in the 1938-39 Grand Final, and destroyed many other batting line-ups in his illustrious career. Utilising the “bowler-friendly” conditions of the time to his full advantage, he produced ferocious spells that reaped miserly bowling figures. A demanding but well-respected Captain, both on and off the field, he has also been named Captain of the “Team Of The Century”.

Years Played: 1935-36 to 1940-41 Games: 68
Innings: 86 Not Out: 10 Runs: 1,291 Average: 16.98 Highest Score: 64 Not Out 50’s: 3 Catches: 26
Wickets: 241 Runs: 2,439 Average: 10.12 Best Bowling: 7-16
Premierships: 1938-39 (Captain) & 1940-41 (Captain) Finals: SF: 6 GF: 3
Club Honours: Life member. Captain - 5 seasons. Coach - 1 season.
BCA Honours: Represented Ballarat at Melbourne Country Week.

Pat Collier

When it comes to scorers, this next man was the doyen of them all. His perfect scorebooks featured every statistic required and occasionally humorous quotes that may have come out of the day’s play, as well as the famous moth on the corner of the page. He was scorer for some of the club’s finest victories and ensured that those times in its history were recorded very precisely forever. A man with a dry sense of humour, was always entertaining players at games and social functions and was a true legend of the club. Tragically, but at the same time fittingly, Pat passed away while scoring on 26th January, 1994 at East High School in the Australia Day game versus East Ballarat for the club he loved.

Years as scorer: 1982-83 to 1993-94
Club Honours: Best Clubperson 1984-85.
BCA Honours: Scorer for Ballarat team at Melbourne Country Week.